It is a fairly simple process to get signed up for piano lessons. Your location does not matter. If you are in proximity to our secured location, you may physically come over for live piano lessons! If you are across the country, we can learn piano together via Zoom or Skype, as long as our clocks are synced up.

We require one month to be paid in advance, one lesson per week. After you have paid for the lessons, we will register you for your first week, which we will agree upon together. After this, simply show up to the lesson on time, and we’ll begin the learning process.

Learning the piano is different for everyone. Some people enjoy improving their concentration and being disciplined by showing up to their lessons on time. Others may not. We simply ask that you consider what you have to gain from learning a musical instrument like the piano. We’ve selected the top five reasons for trying.

  1. Learning and playing the piano provide skills transferable to all other keyboard instruments.
  2. Playing the piano improves discipline and concentration.
  3. Learning and playing the piano improves music understanding.
  4. The piano might be the best instrument to learn music theory.
  5. Music excels as a social art, and it makes it much easier to meet new people and develop deeper connections. 
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